Exploratory Study: Breastfeeding Knowledge, Attitudes towards Sexuality and Breastfeeding, and Disposition towards Supporting Breastfeeding in Future Puerto Rican Male Parents

Ivelisse Rivera-Alvarado, Virginia Vázquez-García, René R. Dávila-Torres, Ana M. Parrilla-Rodríguez


Identify the breastfeeding knowledge, the attitudes towards sexuality and breastfeeding and the disposition towards supporting breastfeeding in future fathers were the aims of this study. A non-probabilistic sample (n=100) of future Puerto Rican male parents was used in this study. A self-administered questionnaire was used consisting of four sections. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis and t-test to the inferential analysis. 88.8% of the participants presented a low level of knowledge. However, 81.6% had a positive attitude toward sexuality and breastfeeding. Also, 92.0% of the participants indicated much/enough willingness to support their partners in exclusively breastfeeding. Disposition to support the breastfeeding was associated with knowledge towards breastfeeding (p=0.04) and attitudes toward sexuality and breastfeeding (p=0.00). The knowledge and the attitudes, in this study, are strongly related with the disposition of the father to supporting the breastfeeding in the future.

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