Harold W. Brown, Dean-in-a-Pinch

Annette Ramirez de Arellano, Caleb González


The creation of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine required someone who could recruit faculty, plan the curriculum, set up the admissions process, and insure that the school meet accreditation requirements. Despite setbacks, chancellor Jaime Benítez found in Dr. Harold W. Brown a person with the knowledge and abilities to accomplish these tasks. Although Brown would not accept the deanship of the school, he was detailed by Columbia University to serve as Benítez’s special advisor. In this role, he intervened at key points in the school’s development and was able to accomplish his mission. Benítez gave credit to Brown for the school’s development, and Brown’s contributions were duly recognized when the School graduated its first class in 1954.


Harold W. Brown; University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine; Jaime Benítez

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