Exploratory Study: Barriers for Initiation and/or Discontinuation of Breastfeeding in Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome

Evy Colón, René Rolando Dávila-Torres, Ana M. Parrilla-Rodríguez, Angel Toledo, José J. Gorrín-Peralta, Víctor E. Reyes-Ortiz


Background: The aim of the study is to identify the barriers associated with breastfeeding in mothers of Puerto Rican children with Down. Method: A non-probabilistic sample (n=26) of mothers was used in the study. The sample was obtained in an institution specializing in care for infants with Down Syndrome in Puerto Rico. A self-administered questionnaire was used consisting of six sections. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Results: The majority of interviewed mothers (80.8%) had 70.0% or higher correct answers regarding the benefits of breastfeeding. 84.6% of the mothers who decided not to breastfeed or discontinued breastfeeding reported as the reason that the baby presented sucking problems. Conclusion: Active support, instruction, and collaboration among members of the health care team are essential for breastfeeding success.


Breastfeeding; Down syndrome; Barriers

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