Assessment of COVID-19 Vaccination Practices for 16 Vaccination Providers in Puerto Rico, 2021

Liliana Sánchez-González, Joshua M. Wong, Alexandra Conde, Marilyn Alicea, Eunice Soto-Gomez, Carla Feliciano, Ángel Rivera, Milton Martínez, Gabriela Paz-Bailey, Iris Cardona


Objective: To assess COVID-19 vaccine providers' adherence to best practices and identify knowledge and practice gaps to guide corrective actions and retraining activities in Puerto Rico. Methods: A CDC supportive evaluation tool was modified to collect information on vaccine storage, handling, preparation, administration, and post-vaccination care. Assessment visits to COVID-19 vaccine providers in Puerto Rico were conducted a month after the availability of COVID-19 vaccines in the island. Results: A total 16 vaccine providers were visited, 12 (75%) administering Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and 4 (25%) administering Moderna vaccine. All providers adhered to correct handling practices after vaccine thawing. Required resources for managing anaphylaxis on site were available in all sites. Few instances of incorrect use of retractable-needle syringes, unapproved temperature monitoring devices, and lack of recorded temperature data were observed. Corrective actions were taken during the evaluation visit. Conclusion: No major deficiencies that could jeopardize vaccine viability or patient safety were found. The use of a supportive evaluation tool during assessment visits is helpful to determine needs for vaccine providers retraining and to continue the safe administration of COVID-19 vaccines in Puerto Rico.


COVID-19; vaccination practices; COVID-19 vaccine; vaccination site supportive evaluation

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