Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Corresponding Pharmacotherapy Approaches from 2 University-affiliated Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Puerto Rico (2018−2020)

Pamela Morales, Laura Santiago, Jessica Rosario, Lourdes Garcia-Fragoso, Jorge Duconge, Naidy Perez, Darlene Santiago


Objective: Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a set of drug withdrawal symptoms suffered by neonates exposed to drugs in utero. Several studies have widely described NAS incidence and treatment approach; however, little is known regarding the incidence and manifestations of this disease in Puerto Rico (PR). The principal aim of this study was to describe NAS incidence in the neonatal units of hospitals affiliated with the University of PR in terms of occurrence, clinical manifestations, and treatment approaches. Methods: Our study evaluated the medical records of NAS babies diagnosed from 2018 through 2020 at 2 hospitals affiliated with the University of PR Medical Sciences Campus. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed to analyze trends. Results: We identified 12 neonates diagnosed with NAS, 5 with low birthweights (<2500 g); for a NAS incidence of 2 cases per 1000 admitted for the 3 years of recollected data. The urine toxicology results revealed that 9 had experienced intrauterine polydrug exposure. Phenobarbital loading dose were determined on the day of diagnosis (indicated by Finnegan score). The first manifestation of NAS symptoms varied: 8 neonates showed symptoms within 48 hours after birth, whereas 4 had withdrawal symptoms within 72-120 hours of their births. Differences between dosing practices and guidelines were observed, ranging from a 0.69% to a 25% difference during treatment initiation. Conclusion: Further research on the incidence of NAS in PR (national level) is needed for a deeper understanding that we hope will lead to the development of enhanced treatment protocols in PR.


neonate abstinence syndrome, neonate opioid withdrawal symptom, pharmacotherapy, Puerto Rico

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