Investigation of the IL7Rα Gene Polymorphism rs6897932 and the Expression Levels of the CDH1, TTPAL, and FHIT Genes in Patients with Breast Cancer

Evrim Suna Arikan-Soylemez, Murat Çilekar, Murat Akici, Çigdem Tokyol, Hatice Arzu Özyürek, Zafer Söylemez, Mustafa Solak


Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the expression levels of CDH1, FHIT, and TTPAL genes and to determine the genotype and allele frequencies of the IL7Rα gene polymorphism rs6897932 in patients with breast cancer. Methods: The expression levels of genes and the distribution of the IL7Rα gene polymorphism rs6897932 were analyzed by real-time polymerase chain reaction. Results: No differences in genotype ratios or allele frequencies were observed between the 2 groups for the IL7Rα gene polymorphism rs6897932. The frequency of the IL7Rα rs6897932 T risk allele was found to be similar between breast cancer patients and controls. CDH1 messenger RNA (mRNA) levels decreased (0.714-fold and 0.834-fold, respectively), and TTPAL mRNA levels increased (2.675-fold [P < .05] and 1.169-fold, respectively) in tumor tissues and peripheral blood samples. FHIT mRNA levels decreased (0.559-fold) in tumor tissue samples and increased (2.21-fold) in peripheral blood samples. Conclusion: Our results are compatible with those reported in the literature. It can be suggested that the upregulation observed in the TTPAL gene might be a marker for breast cancer. The downregulation of CDH1 and FHIT gene expression has been validated in our study. An increase in the copy numbers of FHIT mRNA in blood samples and a decrease in the tumor samples can also be considered an abnormal condition.


CDH1, FHIT, TTPAL, IL7Rα rs6897932, Breast cancer

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