Successful Closure of a Persistent Enterocutaneous Fistula with a Myocutaneous Flap

Tatiana Pelegrina-Perez, Hermes Aponte-Rivera, Jose Augusto Cordero-Pacheco, Angel Rivera-Barrios


Enterocutaneous fistulas can present with significant morbidity and mortality for affected patients, as the abnormal connection can result in exorbitant loss of enteral fluids, electrolyte disturbances, and sepsis, among other complications. We present a patient with a chronic complex enterocutaneous fistula who underwent several surgeries, resulting in a considerable amount of bowel resection. Based on history and findings of high output fistula with diverting transverse colostomy, the fistula was closed with a left rectus myocutaneous pedicle flap to avoid entering the abdominal cavity and prevent the possibility of short bowel syndrome. This case contributes to the growing body of literature supporting the use of rectus myocutaneous flaps for the closure of intractable complex enterocutaneous fistulas in patients unable to undergo resection of the affected bowel.

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