Hypertension in Puerto Ricans in the Continental United States

Cunegundo Vergara, Fei Wang, Valori Banfi


Introduction: Puerto Ricans comprise one of the largest growing minority groups in the United States, yet data about hypertension in this population is lacking. Objective: to review published literature concerning the epidemiology, morbidity, mortality, patient awareness, and treatment of hypertension in Puerto Ricans in the United States. Literature Review: The Medline database was queried for English citations, dealing specifically with hypertension in Puerto Ricans. Most of the eligible
studies were observational and qualitative in design and objectives. Results: Data about the prevalence of hypertension, attributable morbidity and mortality, and treatment of hypertension in puerto ricans in the United States were limited or not available. Conclusions: Studies about hypertension in Puerto Ricans are few. Most studies are observational and the rare clinical trials have major design flaws. Puerto Ricans with hypertension appear to have some common characteristics with other racial groups in the United States, but also have unique considerations in the epidemiology, perception and awareness of hypertension and the management and control of hypertension.


hypertension; Puerto Ricans; health status; morbidity; mortality

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