Metabolic Correction: A Functional Biochemical Mechanism against Disease • Part 1: Concept and Historical Background

Michael J. Gonzalez, Jorge R. Miranda-Massari, Jorge Duconge, Myriam Z. Allende-Vigo, Francisco J. Jiménez-Ramírez, Kenneth Cintrón, José R. Rodríguez-Gómez, Glorivee Rosario, Carlos Ricart, Juan A. Santiago-Cornier, Rafael Zaragoza-Urdaz, Alex Vázquez, Steve Hickey, Miguel Jabbar-Berdiel, Neil Riordan, Thomas Ichim, Oscar Santiago, Gilberto Alvarado, Pramod Vora


Human physiology depends on countless biochemical reactions, numerous of which are co-dependent and interrelated. The speed and level of completion of reactions usually depend on the availability of precursors and enzymes. The enzymatic activity depends on the bioavailability of micronutrient cofactors such as vitamins and minerals. In order to achieve a healthy physiological state, the organism requires that biochemical reactions occur at a controlled rate. To achieve this state it is required that metabolic reactions reach what can be considered an optimal metabolic equilibrium. A combination of genetic makeup, dietary patterns, trauma, disease, toxins, medications, and environmental stressors can elevate the demand for the nutrients needed to reach this optimal metabolic equilibrium. In this, part 1, the general concept of metabolic correction is presented with an elaboration explaining how this concept is increasing in importance as we become aware of the presence of genetic variants that affect enzymatic reactions causing metabolic disturbances that themselves favor or promote the disease state. In addition, part 1 reviews how prominent scientists have contributed in fundamental ways to our understanding of the importance of micronutrients in health and disease and in the development of the metabolic correction concept.


Metabolic Correction, chronic disease, genetotrophic disease, biochemical individuality, nutrient insufficiency, functional medicine, orthomolecular medicine.

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