Adaptation and Validation of the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Dentistry for Chilean Population

Ricardo Cartes-Velásquez, Luis Luengo-Machucaa


Objective: To adapt and validate the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Dentistry (REALD-30) for the Chilean population. Methods: REALD-30 was translated to Spanish, piloted, and revised by experts. Demographics, oral health status, oral health-related quality of life, and health literacy were analyzed. Summary measures, internal consistency, reliability, and convergent and predictive validity were calculated. Results: Cronbach’s alpha was 0.876, intra-class correlation coefficient was 0.789 for reliability, Pearson´s and Spearman´s correlations were ≥0.693 for convergent validity, and ≤-0.138 for predictive validity. Conclusion: REALD-30 is a valid and reliable instrument to measure oral health literacy in the Chilean population.


Health Literacy; Oral Health; Latino; Validation Studies.

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