Trends in Scientific Publications for the French West Indies and the Dominican Republic from 1990 through 2019: Infectious Diseases

Cedric Contaret, Adrian Puello, Daniel Gomez, Yaritza Lopez, Jacqueline Deloumeaux, André Cabie, Clarisse Joachim, Césaire Raymond, Moustapha Drame


Objective: The French West Indies (FWI) and the Dominican Republic (DR) are also, by virtue of their geographical positions, exposed to infectious diseases. The objective of this study was to describe trends in scientific publication for the FWI and the DR using bibliometric analysis, to describe existing international collaborations for each site, and to identify directions for potential collaboration between the 2 sites. Methodology: Using data (publications from 1990-2019) from the Web of Science and PubMed databases, a bibliometric analysis was performed. Three bibliometric indicators were used: quantitative, performance, and organization-specific. Results: There were 3599 articles published in the indicated span of time, with at least 1 author affiliated with either the FWI (N = 2552) or the DR (N = 1047). Journals ranked in the first quartile, which represent the highest quality journals in each Journal Citation Record category, were the most strongly represented, (38% for the FWI and 50.32% for the DR). In terms of the FWI publications, authors from mainland France were the primary collaborators (1754, 35%); for publications from the DR, the US provided the largest number of collaborators (898; 43%). The infectious disease category predominated, with 2 clusters emerging: arbovirus infections (FWI) and HIV infection (DR). Conclusions: This study is one of the first to perform a bibliometric analysis of the 30-year scientific output of the FWI and the DR. Both sites published articles about infectious diseases, indicating that this might be a strong area for future collaborations.


Arbovirus, Public Health, Caribbean collaboration, bibliometric

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