The Role of Gender on HIV/AIDS Stigma among Medical Students in Puerto Rico: Implications for Training and Service Delivery

Nelson Varas-Díaz, Torsten B. Neilands, Francheska Cintrón-Bou, Axel Santos-Figueroa, Sheilla Rodríguez-Madera, Salvador Santiago-Negrón


Objective: This study aimed to assess the role of gender on HIV/AIDS stigma among 507 medical students in Puerto Rico. Methods: A secondary data analysis was performed with baseline measurements of a controlled randomized study. Results: Unadjusted analyses showed that the overall multivariate test for gender was significant [χ2(11) = 38.79, p = .0001]. Males evidenced higher stigma levels on multiple dimensions of HIV/AIDS stigma. Conclusion: Findings suggest that gender needs to be taken into consideration when engaging in stigma research and when developing stigma reduction interventions as part of medical students training.


HIV/AIDS, Stigma, Gender, Latino

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