Aleukemic leukemia cutis preceding acute monocytic leukemia: a case report

Genoveva Martínez-Poventud, Jean Fradera, Sixto Pérez, Adry Fernández, Eileen Pacheco, Luis Acabá, Alberto López-Enriquez, Angel Román-Díaz, Justiniano Castro-Montalvo, Enrique Vélez-García


Aleukemic leukemia cutis is an extremely rare clinical presentation in patients who eventually develop acute leukemia, usually of monocytic lineage. This condition is associated with a very poor prognosis and is often difficult to diagnose. We report a case of a 33 years old female with leukemia cutis preceding the onset of acute monocytic leukemia by four months. The patient received induction and consolidation chemotherapy followed by allogeneic bone marrow transplant and has been free of disease for six years. To our knowledge, this is the first documented case in puerto rico with the diagnosis of leukemia cutis preceding acute monocytic leukemia.


Leukemia Cutis; Aleukemia Leukemia Cutis; Acute Monocytic Leukemia

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