Clinical and Pathological Features of Colorectal Cancer in Patients at a Community Hospital in Puerto Rico

Maribel Cotto, Kathia E. Rosado-Orozco, Rafael Rizek, Luis A. Fraguada, Virgilio Brunet, José J. Cerra, Alexis Sánchez, Fernando Cabanillas, Cristina Muñoz-Masso, Maribel Tirado-Gómez, Norman Maldonado


Objective: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is among the most common cancers in Puerto Rico. Few studies have correlated clinical and pathological variables with the overall survival of CRC patients in Puerto Rico. We report the clinical and pathological characteristics of patients who underwent surgical resection at a community hospital in Puerto Rico. Methods: Demographic and pathological variables of patients who underwent CRC surgery at Hospital del Maestro from 2006 through 2011 were reviewed. Descriptive statistics (mean, range, and frequency) and the Cox proportional hazards model were used to determine the influence of demographic and pathological variables on survival, after adjusting for age. Results: Two hundred and five CRC pathology reports were reviewed. Adenocarcinoma represented the most common pathology (202/205; 98.5%). Females represented 52% of the population (106/202) while males represented 48% (96/202). The median age was 71 years (30–96). The right colon was the most common site of presentation (49.7%; 100/201). Stage III was the most common stage at presentation. The presence of mucin, perineural or lymphatic invasion and tumor size were not related to decreased survival. Being male, having a higher stage at diagnosis, and having a moderately or poorly differentiated tumor were characteristics related to decreased survival. Conclusion: This study provides information on clinical and pathological variables and their influence on the overall survival of CRC patients at a community hospital in Puerto Rico. Further research must be performed to identify potential disparities and their influence on the prognosis of this patients.


colorectal cancer: Puerto Rico,

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