Characteristics of Latinas in Puerto Rico and the US Mainland Receiving Teriparatide in the DANCE Observational Study

Valerie A. Ruff, Agaph Acosta, Oscar Soto-Raices, Radamés Sierra-Zorita, Ramón Toro-Torres, Henry Rodríguez-Ginorio, Angel Comulada, Alan Y. Chiang, Kelly Krohn, Kathleen A. Taylor


Objective: The Direct Assessment of Nonvertebral Fractures in Community Experience (DANCE) study investigated the use of teriparatide in men and women with osteoporosis in the United States (US) and Puerto Rico (PR). In a sub-analysis, we evaluated whether the baseline characteristics of Latinas differed from those of white women in the study population and whether any patient attributes affected physicians’ decisions to prescribe teriparatide. Methods: We assessed 3 patient cohorts treated with teriparatide 20 μg once daily for up to 24 months: 1) PR Latinas, 2) US Latinas, and 3) white women on the US mainland (white women). We analyzed differences related to ethnicity (Latina vs. white) and geography (PR vs. US mainland). Results: Overall, 302 of the 3243 women (9%) enrolled in DANCE were Latina (205 of these 302 Latinas resided in PR). Significant differences were observed in 7 of 11 baseline characteristics. White women had more prior fragility fractures and family history of hip fracture than Latinas, while PR Latinas were generally older than US Latinas and had more comorbid conditions. A similar proportion of subjects in each cohort had received prior osteoporosis therapy. Physicians prescribed teriparatide more often for Latinas based on multiple risk factors for fracture and intolerance to previous osteoporosis therapy and to white women based on inadequate response to previous therapy or new (incident) fractures. Overall, Latinas were less persistent with teriparatide therapy than white women. Conclusion: We observed significant differences related to ethnicity and geography in the baseline demographics of Latinas enrolled in the DANCE study, criteria cited by physicians for initiating teriparatide therapy, and treatment persistence.


Osteoporosis, Teriparatide, DANCE, Puerto Rico, Latinas

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